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Women’s Museums: Centre of Social Memory and Place of Inclusion -International Women’s Museums Conference will be organised by the Women’s Museum Istanbul and Istanbul Bilgi University, Cultural Policy and Management Research Centre (KPY) to examine the contributions of women’s museums as encouraging actors for changes in society in the 21st century.

The museum, operating on a voluntary basis, is dedicated to the more than 2600 years of Women’s history in the city of Istanbul and to the role played by women in the vibrant and multi-textured life of the city. The museum aims – in the long run – at having a building of its own.

The aim of the museum is to provide a showcase for the history of women in Turkey, a history which was lost, obscured or disowned all too quickly by the mainstream of opinion, and to share this history as a counterpart to male-dominated historical writing, thus creating an inspiring new cultural model. The memory of the city’s women is kept alive through exhibitions that honor, inform and provide role models from women’s history. The Women’s Museum Istanbul is envisioned as a project to create and encourage understanding and dialogue among the generations, genders and among the different cultural and ethnic groups of the city.

The Women’s Museum Istanbul communicates with visitors via its Facebook and Twitter accounts and offers a “Mini Education Program” every day using biographies in the permanent (virtual) exhibition in Turkish, English and German languages.

The museum organises international meetings within the framework of the museum’s “Women’s Cultural Heritage Program”. In this context the following international meetings were organized in partnership with Sabanci University and Koc University:

2013: “Semiha Es – International Symposium on Women Photographers”   commemorating the 100th anniversary of Semiha Es, the first war photographer of the Turkish press.

2014: “The International Symposium on Gender Equality at the Academy – Best Practices” on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of women at the university in Turkey.

The Women’s Museum Istanbul is a member of the International Association of Women’s Museums (İAWM).

The website of the museum:                 www.istanbulkadinmuzesi.org/en

Facebook account of the museum:        www.facebook.com/IstanbulKadinMuzesi

Promotional videos of the Museum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeW6TA1RFW4



Istanbul Bilgi Universitesi, Cultural Policy and Management Research Centre (KPY) Cultural Policy and Management Research Centre (KPY) is a cultural policy research, advocacy and training centre founded in 2010 by the İstanbul Bilgi University. KPY is one of the first policy-oriented research centers in Turkey in the field of cultural policy and cultural management. KPY addresses the fast changing cultural scene in Turkey, aiming to be a hub for academic exchange and excellence, to develop research-based policy advice, and to function as an observatoire of cultural trends.

KPY was established by the Cultural Management Program at İstanbul Bilgi University, within the scope of the “Invisible Cities: Building Capacities for Local Cultural Policy Transformation in Turkey” project, starting in 2008. This project was realized in cooperation with Anadolu Kültür (İstanbul), European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and Boekmanstichting (Amsterdam), financed by the Social Transformation Program (MATRA) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

KPY is a valuable source for Cultural Management Master Program students to participate the projects conducted by the centre in the fields of cultural management and culture policies, and to access the networks.


  • Derya Acuner
  • Meral Akkent
  • Asu Aksoy
  • Suay Aksoy
  • Tomur Atagök
  • Itır Erhart
  • Şehlem Sebik
  • Ege Zeytun

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