Inclusive Practices on the Global Level. Curating Globally

Ashley E. Remer, Girl Museum

Being Girl Museum

“As a woman I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.”

Taking Virginia Woolf’s words to heart, I will discuss Girl Museum’s distinctive and inclusive approach to being an international museum. Girl Museum is a virtual museum for exhibiting, educating and raising awareness about historic and contemporary girlhood. We explore and document the unique experience of growing up female cross-culturally and raise awareness of modern social issues. Our absolute requirement for an exhibition, a project, a blog, post or tweet is that it is pro-girl. We do not perform as a typical museum in terms of aiming exhibitions at popular or revenue-generating topics or sponsors. We do not compromise for the sake of funding. Our ideas and work comes from the collective: Junior Girls, partners, and contributors around the world. With multiple levels of participation, we provide opportunities for individuals to gain experience, advocate for girls’ rights, and share their stories.
We have collaborated with other museums, nonprofits, and individuals around the world. For example, Kiwi Chicks: Girl History in New Zealand was produced with Te Papa/The National Museum of New Zealand, Girl for Sale with the American Poetry Museum, Celebrating Girl UP with the United Nations Foundation, and exhibitions such as our Heroine Quilts, Gamer Girl, Surfer Girl and our STEM Girl focused shows were all crowd-sourced content.
With the whole world as our country, it will take decades for Girl Museum to realize any kind of ‘total’ inclusion in terms of our research and output. In the meantime, we will keep brainstorming, researching, reaching out for collaboration, and promoting girlhood until the narrative becomes representative of all girls in the past and present.


Ashley E. Remer
Founder and Head Girl
Skype: GirlMuseum


Girl Museum Inc.

Celebrate Girlhood


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